Friday, 21 August 2009

More kitchen times I'll miss

I was downstairs yesterday eve at six, Chris had the recipe book open to chocolate truffle cake and had the ingredients set out on my work counter. I started making the cake and while the base was in the oven, he told me to flip to another page and I started making a banana and chocolate cheese cake and then moved on to the banana cream profiteroles. We didn't get any food orders in, and just baked the whole evening. I felt so pleased with my nights work at half past nine when it was all finished.
My day started with me cooking breakfasts for the two Japanese women who are staying at the pub, I was finished early, did a few extra jobs around the pub and was finished for the rest of the day, or at least until six o' clock.

Claire had a stab at trying to get me to do more, but as it's become customary, I thought 'sod it' and went upstairs with a cup of tea and had a nap. Geesh, I reckon they've just about had it with me by now. Seriously, I don't start work at half past six in the morning just so that I can do more shitty jobs, I do it so I can get finished early.

And I always had such a good attitude and work ethic...

Flippen hell, if I were in the habit of profanities, I'd have said 'fuck it' already.

Just as well I never swear.


  1. WOW those look amazing! I found your blog through 20sb, is so nice to hear someone mention tea in a blog! lol. I'm so used to reading only Amercian blogs!

  2. Thanks man :) I'm sure we're not the only bloggers in England!
    Ooh, a cup of tea...