Monday, 24 August 2009

Oh Sigh.

Sleeping in until just after twelve today hasn't done me any good. I've been sitting staring out of my bedroom window and drinking a cup of hot tea and letting my mind wander back.

I'm afraid it's resulted in a mini freak out. Not a freak out of epic proportions of the kind experienced a few years ago, but enough of a meltdown to leave me feeling bleurgh. I should never sleep in that late and then have time to think.

I thought of 1998. I thought of 1999. 2003 and 2004. Leanne and Noleen, Kerry and Andrew and me. Lotus Street and Bracken High. Alberton City. Candace and Gavin and guitars. The Doors, band tshirts and milky coffee in the morning. Smashing Pumpkins box sets, Wales and the post box. I miss the 16 year old us. I miss Leanne and Kerry and Noleen and Andrew and me.

I miss my mom and my dad and Yvonne, Arend, Martin and Ashley.

I miss Lee.

And I think I should just go back to sleep again.

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