Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The set of Nanny Mcphee (so far)

The film crew were in Hambleden early yesterday morning preparing the set of Nanny McPhee 2. I went downstairs and chatted a little with the security and prop people, took some pictures and then went back to bed because I was feeling infected and diseased still.

The village shop and Post Office yesterday morning before all of the turf had been laid out.

The cottages next to the shop have been turned into a 'home provisions' store and a general convenience store.
The garage has become a blacksmiths with a hay loft!
I went to the doctor this morning, 'cos when I woke up even my eyebrow piercing was gammy and bloody and infected looking. Not exactly attractive. I consoled myself by going to High Wycombe and did a serious bout of shopping. The sort of spree not seen probably since my first proper pay check back in 2001. I bought colourful tops, tights and underwear, and made space in my wardrobe by chucking out my old things. How very liberating :)

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  1. Great to see this, we drove through Hambleden just yesterday. Beautiful place.