Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Street art

After my late start yesterday, I was up this morning at half six, poaching eggs by seven and out of the pub by half seven walking up to the bus stop. A nice lady, I don't know who, stopped and picked me up and dropped me off outside the town hall in Henley. I missed my train and waited half an hour for the next one to Paddington.

At Shiplake this really pretty girl boarded (do you board a train?). I don't think she was English, or may have been, but she looked foreign. She was dark anyway with long dark hair, black tights and a long length pinky top (I immediately regretted my outfit, awesome as it was). She looked like she'd just climbed out of bed and sat there putting on her make up with this great big make up brush. I liked her less after she'd finished. Everyone looks better when they look like they just got out of bed.My first stop of the day was the Whitechapel Gallery, just outside of Aldgate East tube station. I spent a goodly while looking at the Elizabeth Peyton gallery. What I thought was pretty cool, was the picture of Pete and Wolfman, Pete with his customary cigarette, giving Wolfman a kiss...right next to the lovely charcoal of Princess Elizabeth walking to Westminster with Queen Mary. There was also another painting of Pete I really liked.
I didn't do particularly much in London today. I wandered about the streets taking photos of street art as I was inspired by Slinkachu. I found these (above and below) in Old Street.
The ones below are from Brick Lane. I think these are pretty awesome.
I spent the whole day walking around, mostly getting lost. It wouldn't have been a trip to London without a quick stop in Camden, where I bought myself a cool tweed hat to replace the one I gave to Lee. It was a day of (almost) sensible food choices too, for which I'm proud. The bagel at Paddington Station was delicious, I could probably have eaten two.

My legs have seized up and I'm hoping a hot bath and bed will fix me up in time for work in the morning. Next time - Shoreditch :) and hopefully more street art and more galleries.


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  3. How awesome.
    *Wistful sigh.*
    PS: What did your outfit look like?
    PPS: What timezone are you on... I am pretty sure its not still the 25th where you are either...
    PPPS: Yes, I deleted my previous two comments as I thought I would combine them into one concise comment. It hasn't worked out so well. Perhaps its the early-ness of the hour.

  4. Hehe, I'm only an hour behind you I think. Hmm, I was wearing jeans and a cool long blue top and a long cardigan.
    I'm glad to see that you are with internet again too :)