Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Counting down

All of my great plans for London and the lovely tea shop I found on the internet disappeared yesterday when I woke up tired, crampy and lazy. Instead, I lazed, I drank tea and I went to Henley and got some hair colour and went back to the pub for more lazing, more cups of tea and a break from that to colour shampoo my hair.

A darker haired Karen.

Two weeks.

I chatted with Andy this morning about my leaving arrangements, and had butterflies over my fourth cup of tea this morning. I'm excited.

All of our preparations are done, or pretty much done. Flights are booked, hotels and shows, arrangements are in place and all I have to do is get on a few airplanes in the next couple of months. Just sit back and enjoy it now. Ooo-ooh.

I've started to go through my stuff too with the idea of starting to get ready to pack. The rest of this year is going to be so full with travel and moving and settling in and plans and so many fun and cool things. I'm nervous.

Henley-on Thames bridge from Mill Meadows side.
I thought it'd be nice to look around the River and Rowing musuem, but it was £7 to get in, and since I'm supposed to be saving my pounds, I thought better of it. Also, I'm really not interested in rowing. So I took a stroll around in Mill Meadwos and the Thames with a rum and raisen ice cream in a chocolate-y cone :)
I love the ducks and swans on the river.

I'm excited.

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