Monday, 7 September 2009

A beer festival

The Stag and Huntsman annual beer festival took place this weekend. The pub and garden was packed and by all accounts I’d say it was a pretty successful weekend. Andy ordered in loads of beers and we had all the usual ales inside the pub too. The more popular and talked about drinks were ‘Grandmas Weapons Grade Ginger Beer’ at 5.5% and the strawberry cider. There was a really strong orange cider too, with little orange pieces floating about in it.
I got to spend more time with Lee than I’d anticipated. On Saturday night we sat out in the garden together wrapped up warm in our big black coats and my hat and watched the band play. Lee nicked an acoustic guitar off Matt when they were finished playing and we sang while strumming the guitar.

We even got to have our Sunday lunch date which has become customary. After my session in the kitchen, I pulled my (weary) body upstairs, and after a brief period of being horizontal, got up and changed into one of my new tops and we climbed into the Canary yellow rented car and drove to Henley-on-Thames. We decided on the tapas restaurant and drank pink wine and shared five different tapas - chicken croquettes, lamb in wine, spicy potatoes.
Outside the Stag. Note the 'French Maid'. This is Sandria Rose. Sandria must be in her late sixties or early seventies. More even for all I know. She's an ex model, champion wine drinker and a real character. She's in the bar most weekends quaffing down large glasses of pinot grigio and sometimes nodding off in the snug bar. She's awesome.

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