Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fruity shortbread and hot tea!

It’s one of those overcast chilly types of days. The weather is changing and moving towards winter. Pretty soon, it’ll be dark at four pm again.

I’m feeling wonderful though. I’ve been drinking cups of tea with dunked fruity shortbread biscuits and reading this book. The back cover contains the quote ‘An adventure was one thing - but an adventure without anything to eat was quite another thing. That wouldn’t do at all!’ from Enid Blyton ‘The Valley of Adventure’.
I also love this quote ‘…stories of camping and caravanning and maritime adventures are perennial favourites and are no doubt responsible for generations of children and adults wanting to hit the road or sail away with a bun loaf and a tin of cocoa.’

It’s three weeks today that I’ll be packing my big brown suitcase and making my way to the airport for Paris, and then Northern Ireland. I'm looking forward to having a wee kitchen to bake and cook in, a coffee table to leave beautiful books lying around on and a comfy couch to cuddle and eat pizza on.

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