Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mill Meadows and a walk along the Thames

When my alarm went off at half seven, I got up instead of snoozing for another hour and a half, which I usually do if I have to get up and work. I decided against a trip into London today in order to save a little money. I’m not so sure I did save any by going in to Henley-on-Thames. I started the day with a twenty minute walk and run through the woods behind Hambleden, bathed, breakfasted and walked the mile to the bus stop. I went back to Mill Meadows and paid the £7 to get in to the River and Rowing museum and spent the next couple of hours completely charmed and captivated.

"Oh Ratty!"... 'not like— your cosy quarters— or Toad's beautiful hall— or Badger's great house— but it was my own little home— and I was fond of it— and I went away and forgot all about it'
I love the Wind in the Willows story. It was one of my favourites in the old Christmas Story Teller cassettes and books I had as a kiddie. I wish I could find those story tellers, but alas, it must have been an eighties thing. Whatever happened to Gobbolino and the little Wooden Horse, Dotty the Dragon and Doris and Morris, the Magic Mountain Hamsters?

I spent time talking with Sue, one of the museum guides, she was interested in my photos of Hambleden and wanted to use them to make postcards. Then we spoke more about the village, her daughter, photography and my plans. I liked Sue.

After leaving the museum, I walked back towards the town centre and along the Thames. It’s been an overcast and chilly sort of day, so I ducked in to the Henley Tea Rooms and warmed myself up over a pot of tea and hot buttery tea cakes with strawberry jam. I only got rained on a little bit on the way back to Hambleden, but it was lovely walking back through the fields with both the cows and the sheep out grazing.

It's been a wonderful day. My eyebrow piercing is healed (bloody finally), I've not eaten anything too rubbishy and I got in some much needed excersise. I'm rather fabulous today ;)


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