Tuesday, 1 September 2009

They went for me!

I didn’t get out of bed until just before ten this morning. My eyes felt glued shut and I was headachy and it felt as though I were recovering from major surgery. Is this a sign of aging? Or just ill health? I got dressed, I wore my long white flow-y top again, didn’t brush my hair, and walked up to the bus stop.

Marlow proved to be a waste of time so I got back on the bus for Henley-on-Thames. Once there, I found the little boutique I was looking for and got some pink baby clothes and the cutest baby booties for Leanne’s niece. I should have photographed them before wrapping it all up and posting it. Hmph.

I got a fright in Marlow when I saw a scary lady, probably in her late forties with an eye brow piercing and a bright purple barbell through it. It made my piercing seem less cool. Her make up was bad too. I wish I'd got a photo of that.On my way back home, just as I got off the bus, while the sun was still shining, the clouds just opened up and it poured down with rain on me. Most of the way back. Closer to the pub, I encountered some of the local cows from Mill End walking towards me. I’ve seen enough cows in fields since being in England to not worry about them anymore, so I just gave them a slighter wider berth and carried on.They followed me. I ignored them and walked with a bit more purpose.

The cow in front, now rather too close to me, started making cow noises and kicking her front legs about, grunting and flaring her nostrils and looking rather pissed off. It was empowering to stare her down, shout at her to ‘go away’ and then watch her back off sheepishly. I wonder what that was about? What makes cows attack people?

I’ve gone right off cows.

I also probably spent about the same amount of money today as I would have if I’d gone to London.

I’m also over Marlow and Henley-on-Thames. I’m ready for new British towns and cities.

Though of course I’ll always return to London…

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