Friday, 4 September 2009

Time to do something about it then.

It's been a long time coming, but today, I have woken up fat. 

Before, I was merely picking up weight, filling out my clothes a bit more than I had been. Now, I can barely lift my legs in my jeans. If I came to a bump in the road, I wouldn't be able to climb over it.

I refuse to buy bigger clothes.

I am a fat girl. And it's horrible.

I put on my 'exercise trousers', I was just able to squeeze my body into them but instead of going for that brisk walk, I shuffled down the stairs and sampled the chocolate meringue pie with Michael.

Poached eggs and buttery toast is my new thing. Fishcakes are out, sausages are definitely out now that there's a new supplier and soup was out a long time ago. Poached eggs are in. Like lemonade and lime. All the cool kids are eating poached eggs.

I'm more active than I've ever been before, I'm on my feet all day, surely I should be thinner?!

It's the beer festival this weekend. I keep checking the five day weather forecast hoping for rain, sleet or a natural disaster. A volcano or earthquake ought to do quite nicely. It's going to be busy and I'm barely going to get a chance to spend any time with Lee.

I'm consoling myself with 'less than three weeks to go'.

And my eyebrow piercing is infected again.


A postscript:
I've just returned from a thirty minute walk / run and am about to do at least a thousand sit up / crunches. 

I feel as though this just might kill me.

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