Monday, 21 September 2009

Peter Doherty :) :)

The weekend was amazing.

I woke up the second time this morning at six o' clock. I relived my Saturday night at the Camden Roundhouse while I pulled on some clothes and went downstairs to clean up the pub. It was awesome. My London / Pete experience, not the dressing and the cleaning.

Lee and I arrived in London at lunch time, got the tube to Aldgate East and found the Indian restaurant just opposite from Rough Trade, in Brick Lane. Our lunch and pink wine was delicious, everything was perfect and the anticipation of the concert, the excitement of being in London, and having time to spend with Lee made for a perfect day. Even the weather cooperated and it was sunny and clear.


When lunch was finished we got back on the Northern Line and headed for Angel so that we could have a pint of Guinness at Filthy McNasty’s. I like Filthys, they always play good music and you can buy the original band posters that decorate the walls. It’s also where Carl and Pete and the Libertines used to play when they were still just starting out. The next round was at The Prince of Wales in Kentish Town, just down the road from the Roundhouse. The barman with his cool hat and black painted nails was chatty about the upcoming gig and poured us pints of Guinness. We drank them by the corner stage, near the Union Jack on the wall. I liked the wall paper. I liked the Prince of Wales in Kentish Town.


Time for the gig and we lined up outside the Roundhouse, got through the doors, got some drinks and waited for it all to begin. Pete was on time and looking well. He went through the songs from Grace / Wastelands along with a few Babyshambles songs. We were in the middle of the crowd and I couldn’t see anything, so two or three songs in, we moved to the side where I had a much much better view. Pete went off stage for a cigarette, returning five minutes later to finish up with his Babyshambles Albion and Libertines Time for Heroes. I found a spot against
the railing and it turned out to be a pretty darn good spot too because after the show, he came right by and I got to shake his hand.

Well, shake, squeeze and refuse to let go, to be more precise. I guess I feel a little foolish for the reverting back to being a fifteen year old girl…oh sod it, I don’t actually. Though I probably should (said sheepishly)
We left the roundhouse and had post Pete dodgy and dirty Chinese food from the Camden market. I’m surprised it didn’t make us ill. Luke-warm and oily chicken fried noodles, it was probably the worst thing we could have eaten in the whole of London. We regretted it on approaching the KFC on the high street. Hmmm KFC.

It was great, all of it. The whole damn weekend was. I'm still giddy and excited and I can't wait until Thursday...

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