Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Colourful graffiti

I’ve been wanting to do an entry with the murals of Belfast, but so far, I’ve not managed actually getting there to take the photos. The question of safety has also been debated, but I still want to go and see for myself. When I first arrived in Belfast as a tourist last December, I found myself on the Falls road and took lots of pictures then, but since have discovered a whole wealth of other areas displaying loyalist murals which I’m curious about.

Instead, I’ve put this together, it’s just two photos of graffiti near the city centre. It’s colourful.
I’ve been reading up on Belfast’s history and troubles and finding it rather interesting. I’ve still got lots to learn though.

I also have lots to learn about Photoshop, which I've only just starting using for the very first time. I'm excited about it too, because it's so overdue and it's awesome!!

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