Friday, 2 October 2009

Day Four in France - Versailles

Day four, a Monday started off a little slowly after a Sunday night dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge with two bottles of champage. We decided on a day trip to Versailles, dressed and got the Metro and RER outside of Paris. Reading the guide book on the train we discovered that the palaces at Versailles are open Tuesday to Sunday, but thankfully, the gardens and the grand canal were open and we didn't have to pay anything.

The grounds are enormous - vast, and it's probably just as well that the palace was closed. You could spend a whole day just going about the gardens. We rented one of the small rowing boats for an hour and went out onto the water. We got to the end and I decided I'd take over on the rowing for a while.


But before I could take over the oars Lee dug into his pocket, produced a little black box and asked me if I still wanted to marry him!
And, since I hadn't changed my mind since the last time he'd asked, I said of course yes! 


My ring is soo sparkly! It's exactly what I would have chosen if I'd chosen it myself.

Isn't it exciting??

Lee took over the rowing again and got us back safely without sinking the boat (as I was probably going to do if I'd carried on for much longer). We snacked and drank wine at a little terrace cafe, got the wee train back up the the palace and took lots of pictures, 'oohed' and 'aahed' at the enormity and loveliness of the grounds and concured that we too, would never have need to leave Versailles if we lived there, just like Louis XIV.

Once we'd got the train back to Paris, we still had some time to kill before dinner so we walked and walked and chatted and looked at the sights along the Seine, bridges, the Eiffel Tower, the big gold encrusted dome of the church, statues...Paris is gorgeous.

We suppered at one of the nicest restaurants. I can't really say that though, since they were all so lovely! We arrived as the restaurant was opening, the chef came over to show us to a small table and explain the menu and specials to us, since it was all in French. I started with the cucumber in the peppery cream sauce, went on to a lamb steak with French fries, and finished with the banana flambéed in rum. The chef came over to light the rum and everyone turned round to watch and stare! It was delicious...everything was perfect.
What a perfect day, ended off with a perfect meal.


We left Paris the next morning, got up early and headed back to Charles de Gaulle, ate baguettes and paninis, pain au chocolats, tea and tiny coffees at the departure lounge. At Luton we waited for my National Express back to High Wycombe and Lees connecting flight back to Belfast and ate big dirty Burger King burgers.

I got back to the pub just before opening time, packed, slept, and left at eleven o'clock, back to High Wycombe and the 737 National Express to Stansted on my flight after a (expensive) confusion regarding luggage and arrived at Belfast City airport to be met by my Lee after collecting my (heavy) suitcases.

So here I am in Belfast, Northern Ireland for at least the next year...

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  1. Wow and somemore wow!
    Your pics are awesome and you (both!) look *so* happy! Congratulations! \(",)/