Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The first of the Belfast blogs

I'd like to say that the reason I've been so quiet lately is because I've been so busy.

But that would be lying.

And although there have been a few moments of busyness, mostly, I've been lying about watching telly, sleeping in late and generally being bone idle. Today, however, I've set myself tasks, written up to-do-lists and I'm going to pull my finger out.

I've been in Belfast for five days, I've met the family and friends, I've drunk Guinness in bars, German beer in halls and wine in the lounge...

We've been looking at apartments around the city centre and along the river Lagan. It's exciting!

What's also exciting is that a date has been set, or roughly thereabouts :)

It seems as though there is so much to do, that I'm half inclined to get another cup of tea and do nothing at all. BUT! I shall start by unpacking my suitcases and hanging up my clothes....

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  1. Oh, I'm loving the phrase 'The Belfast Blogs'! :)