Friday, 30 October 2009

Moving day

We're in!

Yesterday, while Lee worked, I pulled the house apart and threw everything into suicases, boxes and bags and by the time he came home we were ready to start loading up the car for our move. There's still lots of work to be done, but we are officially moved in and this place is cool! It's big and open and light, it has enormous sliding windows, wooden floors, loads of storage space and the whole of the city of Belfast in our living room! 

We have awesome views of the city, the river and even the sea. Last night, after we'd done about as much as we'd intended to for one evening, we opened up our bottle of engagement bubbly and drank overlooking Belfast and the stream of cars going by on the motorway.

Today is dismal and gray and gloomy. It's cold and windy and wet. Perfect weather for unpacking and pottering...and putting the kettle on for a cup of tea...

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