Monday, 9 November 2009

Counting down - SA

Another great weekend in Belfast with trips to St George’s, a meal at McHugh’s, shopping trips in Ballymena and visits with the family. This weekend seemed to go by quicker than the last and I was rather sad to see Lee off to work this morning. I rather like having him around.

At the big fish with our market sea bass for supper

I think, a year and a half in to this UK adventure, the excitement and the adventure part of it has pretty much worn off. This is just where I live now, even though there is still so much to see and explore. I’m not feeling the rush or urgency anymore, and I suppose that is quite a good thing really. So much less pressure on myself to do things and see things and find every tourist attraction an area has to offer. I’ll get to them all eventually.

Ten days until we fly to London to fly to Dubai to fly to Johanesburg and we’re both really excited. I can’t wait to show my Lee where I grew up, my friends and my family and then go off for a few days of safari near the Kruger Park.

We're soo excited!

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