Thursday, 24 December 2009

In the East of Belfast

That’s where I was yesterday. I went there looking for murals from the ‘other’ side of the Belfast community. I was totally taking my life in my hands and it had nothing to do with the slightly run down-ness of the area. It was more to do with the thick layer of ice covering the roads and pavements. I was pretty sure I’d slide in front of a car or just fall down and make a fool of myself. Thankfully neither happened and I just got lots of great photo opportunities.






These types of murals don't really leave you feeling warm, safe or welcome.
This guy was hardcore! It reads: 'The strangest victory in all history. Heremon O' Neil, racing a rival chieftain for posession of Ireland became the first man to touch it's soil by cutting off  his own hand and hurling it ashore. His sacrifice made him the first king of Ulster 1015 B.C'

How miffed would he have been if he didn't hurl it hard enough and missed?


Next time I'll head over towards the Falls and Shankill roads. Wikipedia says this:

"As the district is located between the Falls Road at one end and Ardoyne at the other, local residents (as well as their Catholic neighbours) found themselves as, generally unwilling, targets for crossfire as both sets of paramilitaries attacked each other and each other's communities. Today, the area is predominantly Protestant and unionist or loyalist in political orientation. The Shankill is separated from the neighbouring Catholic, nationalist, Falls Road area by peace lines."


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