Monday, 28 December 2009

Joy and merry

I'm writing from Ballymena, this is where Lee grew up and where his family still lives. We arrived on Thursday afternoon. This part of Northern Ireland is still white and icy, so we had near enough a white Christmas. On Friday morning we came downstairs and found the living room under a moutain of presents and gift bags which kept us busy opening and unwrapping for an age. I had to swallow a few tears and the lump growing in my throat more than once. It's impossible being a cynical old scrooge around these folk.

 Lee (aka Jamie) made our dinner as has apparently become customary the last few years. Turkey and stuffing, roast potatoes and parsnips in goose fat, herby, spicy butternut...brussel sprouts...


By around four o' clock we were all passed out and snoring in the living room in front of the telly and twinkly fairy lights...fat and full of happy and content.

On Saturday we drove further up north to visit with more family. There's no shortage of family around here...Everyone was wonderful and welcoming and friendly and I managed to remember everyone's name and how they were all connected. No small feat I assure you!

No wonder everyone loves the Irish!

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