Tuesday, 15 December 2009

So lazy, heavy and sore

I finally finished reading Hangover Square. I must have started reading it while I was still in Hambleden, and that was months ago. Once I got into it, once I picked it up again, it only took two days or so and now it has earned it’s place with the other Penguin Modern Classics on our bookshelf.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the ending and felt rathly badly for poor George Harvey Bone. Thanks for that Patrick Hamilton.

I slept in until twelve today. I woke up with the sun pouring in through the window and onto the bed. Strange, as I’m pretty sure it’s freezing outside.

It was a nice surprise, Lee coming home at lunch time. I was embarrassed to be found sitting on the couch wrapped up in blankets, dressing gowns, hot water bottles and the internet, my hair still un-brushed and last nights dishes still un-washed. He laughed and cuddled with me and played his guitar and brought me pain killers.

Damn flow. Thankfully the irrationality and weepiness seems to have subsided and I’m functioning pretty much normally again. Hormones are just great.

It's not even three o' clock yet and from the living room it looks as though the sun is already trying to escape behind the outline of Belfast.

I love this city.

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