Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fare thee well twenty ten

Goodbye 2010, you were very good to me indeed. You’re right up there with 2008 and 2009 for awesomeness, but more awesome and in different ways. 

‘cos in 2008 I was moving country, rehashing the past and running amok in a new land…and that was cool, you know? But that couldn’t go on for very long, and thank goodness for that. 

Hmm, so in 2009 I was still doing a lot of that, but in proper employ and earning money…and I made some very good and big decisions which have made me very happy.

In 2010 I:

Cut my hair shorter than it’s been for years

Saw Pete Doherty at Mandela Hall in Belfast

Started a new job

Took out my eye brow ring - which I really miss if I'm honest...

Got my eyes filled with lasers and can now see!

Got married!

Saw my sister and her family, and they stayed for longer in Northern Ireland due to the Iceland volcano!

Did some visiting in Milton Keynes for the World Cup, traditional SA style

Had Noleen come visit and got to show her the sights of Belfast

Went to the South of Ireland for the first time

Visited my family and friends in South Africa, went to Durban and the Drakensberg

Had our honeymoon in the Maldives

Sadly left Belfast, but found living in Ballymena not so bad at all!

Started using make up and realized that I don’t feel like a little girl playing dress-up any more.

So, twenty eleven, you have a whole lot of living up to do...

What I'm looking forward to:

Using my new Oktomat!
Visiting in Milton Keynes
Visiting in Canada and seeing some Toronto, Niagara, and of course family!
Seeing the Foo Fighters
Looking for our own wee house to buy and hopefully, buying it
Buying more pretty things
Reading more books...

But now is not the time for resolutions...they're to come, but later.

Things that have made me ridiculously happy today

Lying in bed really late and not worrying about getting up even though I was going to work.

Chatting with my sister on Gmail for hours while 'working'.

Eating fresh from the pan trout while standing by the stove with Lee.

Watching Mary Poppins on the telly while eating jelly beans and drinking father in laws left over chateauneuf du pape.

That thing that Lee said a bit earlier.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Deck the halls

We'd breakfasted on scrambled eggs with extra butter and cream and smoked salmon and thick crusty toasted bread and a cup of tea before all heading to the living room for our presents. Just like last year, there was so much stuff for everyone!

Our lunch. Turkey and roasted potatoes, parsnips and butternut, and chestnut brussel sprouts and gravy.
 One of many Canada themed presents. Part of the 'subliminal' MOVE TO CANADA campaign.
 Festive spirits - Hendricks and ale.
The best cards ever. My niece and nephew are so cute and so funny.

I'm very excited about my Oktomat. I can't wait to get outside and start playing with this!

I'm also exceedingly excited about finding this and this on YouTube. It's just not Christmas until I've listened to some Gobbolino.

Friday, 24 December 2010

All the festivities

 It snowed, just for a wee while, while we were out in the town this morning.

 The chef, busy at work in the kitchen
Happy holidays x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's cold

These were the icicles hanging from the back door yesterday morning when I was letting the dogs out. Even bigger icicles can be found on father-in-laws outside studio (shed) making it look like Santa's grotto.
It went to -18 a little while before this. Mother-in-law and I were driving through the fog and snow yesterday evening after a marathon shopping session at the Abbey Centre. 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wintery scenes in Ballymena

More snow is falling in Northern Ireland (and everywhere else in the UK too). There's at least a foot of snow lying on the ground, and the lake at the People's Park in Ballymena is freezing over.

 Ducks on the ice

Making a snow angel. 

There was so much clean fresh snow at the park and mother-in-law, the dogs and I ran down the hill, messing it all up. I was dared to make a snow angel and clearly, I don't need much encouraging.

 Beefy looking contemplative (or maybe at the mince pies below)
The best mince pies - extra brandy, nuts and ginger :-)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

More festivities

Our work had it's end of year party at the Glenavon Hotel in Cookstown. It took us three hours to get there in the snow, when I'm guessing it'd normally take not too much over an hour.

We got there eventually, found our rooms and dressed. I was sharing with Kerri and Lee, and just down the hall were the other girls. Their room chaotic, complete with loud music, bottles of bubbly and a lot of make up. So I let them make me up and fix my hair for me. Carmel straightening my hair, Kirsty painting my nails and Michelle doing my make up. 

I've decided I'm taking them with me whenever I'm going out.

Leaving the hotel in the morning and everything was freezing and white. The snow is so pretty, I'm not sure the novelty of it will ever wear off.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Sixteenth of December

Today is a public holiday in South Africa, and the day that we’d traditionally put up our Christmas tree when we were kids. Yvonne and I would have spent the two weeks prior painting sheets of paper in reds and greens and golds to make paper chains, while listening to and reading our Christmas Story Tellers and eating our home made mince pies. All while singing loudly and off key. I loved and knew the words to every carol. Especially my moms old Heintjie vinyl. The wee Dutch singer’s Christmas record from the fifties or sixties. It may not sound it, but it was awesome.
Two Thousand and Three? Possibly. When they used to live in Westdene.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sickly...smooth and shiny.

I think going out with Irish folk makes me sick. Or maybe it’s the standing around outside of bars that does it, I can’t be sure. But I am sick. My head is cotton wool-y (more than usual) and my throat feels like I swallowed one of Beefy’s fur balls. Which is actually entirely possible considering he spent a good portion of the evening lying on my lap, trying to be cute and cuddling up closer all the time.

Turner and Hooch was on the telly when I came in from the hairdressers last night. I’d not seen it before, and Lee didn’t warn me that Hooch dies at the end. Not cool. And then they try and make it seem okay by replacing him with another (possibly?) Bull Mastiff puppy. Like that makes it better.

Ja, so I went to cousin-in-law Elizabeth for a haircut, she took off loads and made it all straight and shiny. I’ll have to take a photo...I’ve not done a g.p.o.y.w  for long, so it’s maybe a good time to start. My fringe, however, is entirely my own doing. She’s horrified, really.

I don't think it's all that bad.

But now I'm going to go mess it all up again by washing it.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stolen photos from a Christmas party

I went along with Lee's works Christmas party at McHugh's in the city centre. Well, the drinks bit anyway. I got the train to Central Station, walked to Kerri's, realized we didn't have our toothbrushes with us, went back out to Boots, walked back to Kerri's, dressed, and waited for my taxi over to where the party was. 

Lee met me outside, excited and chatty and clearly a few glasses of wine in him...he's a good drunk really.

I must have just said something frightfully witty and charming

I met a whole lot more people Lee works with, swigged pints of Guinness, danced and twirled to Fairy Tale in New York...and danced to everything else too, while pretending to know the words to them all and singing loudly.

And next weekend, it's our end of year party. So exciting. But now I'm sleepy and lazy and watching the final of X Factor, full up on my roast beef dinner and chocolate. I could do with a cuppa tea too...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

This made me laugh


I was reading this while watching X Factor. It's funny, but this was my favourite bit:

'8.37pm Ah, it's a special guest performance from Rihanna. I don't know what this song is, but it starts with her asking what her name is, to which the backing singers reply "Ohnana". And Rihanna doesn't even bother to correct them. Rihanna is an idiot.'  

Thursday night birthday celebrations

We got into the house on thursday evening to find no heating and mother in law standing in the hallway in her warm winter coat and we were thankful for our dinner reservations. We dressed, Lee blew out his candles and we sang happy birthday (not in the traditional le Roux fashion) and we got driven to Galgorm and the River Room.

It was one of the nicest meals out we’ve had, and we’ve had some pretty good meals recently! It was all so beautiful and delicious! And our bottle of South African wine went so perfectly with everything.

Going out

Lee opening his card from my mom


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Two years ago

Some sentimental...
Two years ago today I met Lee for the first time. We were at Kelly's Cellars in the city centre, and that is where he was sitting. These pictures where taken the evening before our hen and stag parties in April.

You can read about it here.