Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ireland Albion

We listened to lots of Libertines and Babyshambles this weekend, what with having gone to see Pete play at Mandela Hall, then just continuing with the theme and listening in the car. Walking through Belfast in the week and listening to ‘Albion’ I realized it’s just not the same in Ireland, but hearing him play it at the concert made it seem somehow a little bit better. Driving home from Ballymena and it came on and I was feeling pretty darn great.

We had our early morning trip to Randalstown to see our wedding photographer and realizing it was so pretty and I couldn’t possibly dislike the town despite kind of wanting to.

We’ve had Lee’s friend staying in our spare room for the last few days. Aidan is the chef at Café Vaudeville and when we mentioned going for dinner he made a booking for us. It was my first time there, it’s gorgeous and charming with the bellhops at the front door, enormous chandeliers and pretty décor.

We had a steady stream of starters coming out one after the other, the bread and olives, the duck spring rolls and smoked haddock risotto followed by our beef short rib and vegetables with a side of chunky chips…and wine, lovely lovely wine.

We went to the Garrick down the road when the kitchen closed and were later joined by Aiden and more kitchen and waiting staff.

I was pretty much aware and conscious of my glasses but I think I (mostly) held it together…just one small incident with a mild panic attack building up…the noise, the crowd…the beautiful blonde and skinny chef...

Standing by the bar, the tall and pale bloke next to me looks over and confides that he’s wearing his contact lenses.

I’m not even sure where that came from.

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