Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Shopping in the city :)

It’s not been an awesome day…no day ever can be what starts out at the A&E at stupid o’clock…fractured bones and what resembled a massacre in a horror movie, only more bloody. Thankfully, I think it’ll be okay.


So the weekend was pretty good anyway. We took a walk to the Crown Bar, ‘cos it’s pretty and touristy and really really lovely. We sat in one of those booths and closed the door and drank our Guinness and wondered if pushing the button on the wall would blow up the Europa (’tis the most bombed hotel in Europe, so they say) across the road. I was too shy to take photos (fear of looking like a tourist) so I had to take this one from the website.

We also stopped at White’s Tavern before heading home in the snow.

Yesterday Lee’s mum, his wee sister and I took a walk to the city and we found bridesmaid dresses, shoes and other wedding-y stuff(s). We were so organized and afterwards we lunched on baked potatoes, lattes and cake.

And that’s okay because I’ve been really rather good with the eating less and exercising more endeavour.

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