Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A snowy white world

With three and a half months until the wedding, I figured I still have some time to tone up a bit and with any luck fight the belly monster. I’ve signed up on and have started tracking what I eat as well as my (feeble) attempts at exercise.

I’ve started by eating all the Pringles and Quality Streets so that in the days to follow I might do better. You know, 'waste not, want not' and all that…

The snow finally fell in Belfast. I opened up the living room sliding window and caught the snowflakes while they were coming down rather heavily.
England and Scotland are pretty much panicked by the amounts of snow they’re having…and Belfast can only manage half a centimetre. Still, it’s lovely and pretty and white :)

 Our apartment building in the snow and a snowy parking lot.

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  1. I happened upon your blog and I saw your link to livestrong and I signed up. It was just what I've been looking for. So thanks!