Sunday, 24 January 2010

Some Doherty

We went to see Pete again. It was the rescheduled concert from last year when he was in hospital with alleged exhaustion. We stood upstairs to avoid the crowd stamping on Lee’s fractured foot and it provided a great position for photographs and actually seeing the stage at all, which is kind of the point if you ask me…

Pete was supported by Adam from his Babyshambles and another bloke with big poofy (poofy as in big, not poefy as in a bit gay) hair and some awful woman who got booed. And rightly so.

Pete was late coming out and we suspect it may have been due to a spillage of something on his suit, because the usual snappy dresser was dressed in an ugly suit which looked as though he may have borrowed it from his (fat?) manager. That or he went missing and had to be found, ‘cos we had to wait long for him to come out! But he seemed in pretty good shape and managed to play and sing. And was coherent.
It was just him on the stage with his ballerinas and the ocassional fan who managed to breach the security and jump up and sing along side Pete before been dragged back down again. ‘cept for the one guy who managed to get on stage then dive back into the crowd again. For which he was congratulated.
The crowd was nuts and security wasn't all that good, and I was half expecting a riot. The Belfast crowd was nothing like the calm and well behaved Camden crowd.

We ended our night with pizzas from Little Italy (the best pizza in Belfast) and beer in the living room.

This really makes me laugh every time I read it.

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