Friday, 26 February 2010

Under the laser

I had my Lasik yesterday. I walked up to the busy Belfast main street and sat upstairs and waited to be called for my turn. From the waiting area, I could hear the clicking sound of the laser on the patients before me. I counted the seconds it took, and each one was roughly forty. 

My turn. I lay down, had my eyes cleaned, lasers directed over my head, a suction placed on my right eye, concentrated on the flashing red light even as it turned orange, went grey and then everything disappeared in the blackness. My sight returns and the laser starts to click again and I can smell the burning of my cornea. I counted the seconds, it was less than forty this time. Everything was all repeated on my left eye and afterwards I could see the surgeon smoothing out the flap he’d just replaced and putting drops into my eyes. He rubbed my shoulder and told me I did excellently, and then he was gone.

After the cheery nurse explained all the drops she’d given me in the small baggy, made me a cup of tea and chatted with me for a few minutes she sent me back into the waiting room where this time, I was waiting for Lee to come get me. It was a much better wait even though tears were streaming down my face and my eyes were burning with the fire of ten thousand suns.
I woke up this morning and I could see. I could read the labels on the bottles of lotion on the dressing table and everything else in the bedroom too. It was my first check up appointment this morning and everything is excellent and the optician could barely find where the flap had been created.

I’m not sure why everyone keeps telling me not to rub my eyes. I’m well aware that a flap was made in them, I barely feel comfortable moving my head too quickly incase I dislodge something!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It's Wednesday...

...And that means a G.P.O.Y.W (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday).
Work is going well, I'm into my second week and settling in well, I was even paid today, which was a wonderful wonderful thing. Lee's ma picked me up at lunch time for the first of my invasive appointments and after the doctors we hit KFC and the Belfast shops hard. I did pretty well with my shopping considering I had a bit of a spree on Sunday. I bought my first pair of jeggings, which are fabulous (although the wide of hips have been discouraged wearing super skinny jeans). Hmm. They're just so damn cool. Dammit.

Tomorrow I get my eyes done, so I felt it fitting to include a photo of me in my glasses. I'm hoping it'll be the last time I have to wear them. 

Hateful things.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lined up in a row...

Another shopping spree in the city and I came home with some very lovely work-y clothes...and some red nail polish. I don't think I've ever had red nails before, but I'm loving them - they are awesome.
I got to Primark ten minutes to one this afternoon and joined the other shoppers queuing up outside.
I was thankful for getting there early, before the hoards of crazy and mean shoppers arrived and I tried on loads before I decided on my final purchases - trousers, shirts, waistcoats and cardigans, ooh and a pair of black patent leather shoes with a sensible heel. I'm all for comfort.

So I spent my evening painting my nails and making shoe porn...


Saturday, 20 February 2010

A work week

I survived my first work week. I did more than survive, I think I did pretty darn good. I’ve mastered the NI trains, learned everyone’s names and got a general idea of what I’m going to be doing. Not only that, but we have our wedding invitations and I’ve booked my appointment for laser eye surgery.

Soo much going on!
 More random 'art' scattered around the city in unlikley places
Earlier, we went into the city and stopped in at Kelly’s for a pint of Guinness. We stood outside and watched the couple playing their mandolins and guitars in the back of a converted truck in what used to be called Bob Marley Square.


Thursday, 18 February 2010


I think my netbook is, she’s definitely not well, in fact, I think it’s critical, that’s what the antivirus (that I don’t remember installing) said. Poor Netty :(

I wanted to do a post about this forwarded email I got from Photojojo. It’s called GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday). Basically, it just goes on to say that it’s okay to post photos of yourself online, without looking vain...but only on a Wednesday. And any website that advocates posting pictures of yourself (on any day of the week) online must be awesome, so I signed up.

But because poor Netty is unwell, I missed my Wednesday deadline, and so now, must wait until next week. Also, I just wasn’t looking well enough to be posting gratuitous or otherwise pictures of me.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A slower easing in.

After a fairly crappy night, I got up to scrambled eggs, toast and tea and headed for the station and a 20 minute walk on the other side. I still don’t have an actual job description, but it will all fall into place in the next couple of weeks and I’m just thankful and grateful for something to call work.

I’m still feeling the pressure though. When I started the last job, after being shown my room, I threw up and sobbed…so far, I’ve not shed a single tear, and the contents of my stomach have behaved in much their usual way.

It’ll be better in the coming weeks, and there is still much to look forward to…from work clothes shopping trips to family and friends visiting, and of course, the wedding…which I’m totally looking forward to.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A workin' girl again

I was on the 08h44 train to Antrim this morning for my first day of my new job. It all went okay besides the horrible nerves for the journey. For someone who’s done a fair bit of travelling round the UK, I’m not a very good traveller.
It was a pleasant enough sort of day, and I’m happy to have less free time to drive myself crazy and get bored around the apartment.

Valentines weekend was good and involved a really lovely meal at Tedfords…and the Ireland v France game at the Botanic followed by a visit with a household full of men and a long and cold walk back home. Oh, and some grocery shopping.

We had a pint at the Cloth Ear after work (work!!) this eve and Custom House was looking so pretty all lit up.
But whoo-hoo for a job and more excuses for shopping trips!!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Oh so girly!

So, on this, my last free week day before I'm officially a 'working girl'...this is what I did...

Lie in bed and read my emails, blogs I'm following, and stalk my friends on Facebook.
Try on all the clothes from Wednesdays big shopping spree with Lee's mum and wee sister, including various clothes combination possiblities:
 Photograph (some) of my new clothes:

Catch up on all the ironing, vacuuming and laundry (no one ever said I was fun)
Walk around the apartment lots in my wedding shoes :) :) :) :)
Listen to NME radio all day.

NME radio is awesome...every time I listen, they play at least one Smashing Pumpkins song.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

That's a lot of money.

I had my appointment today to see if I'm eligible for laser eye surgery. 

After an hours worth of tests it turns out I have lovely plump corneas, perfect for cutting flaps into and zapping with a laser…if I had over £2000 laying about willy-nilly. Which of course, I do not.
I do, however, have a job to go to on Monday…which is awesome. I’m super excited to start, work, talk to people, and have something to contribute again. And if I see a gorgeous dress, fabulous jeans or awesome shoes, buy them for me!
Walking home and realizing I couldn't read my text messages, see the time on my watch or generally focus on any sort of detail and wondering what was up with my vision…I had frikken enormous pupils…like almost the same size as the iris. Of course, I had to take pictures.

After work we went to watch Invictus in Victoria Square. I wasn't so sure what to expect from a sporty movie, but it was really really good. I wondered how many other South Africas were sitting in the cinema with us.

Anyway, with all this fabulous-ness going on I’ve come to wonder how come everything is going so damn well, falling into place, running smoothly...I'm suspicious.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Permission granted!

Our passports have been returned along with a certificate (bearing two unattractive photos of us) allowing me to marry my Lee in the UK...

Seriously, if you were the Border Agency...would you want to be encouraging one of your citizens to marry her:
Then again, with a self depreciating humour such as mine, it only goes to prove that I'm British, or worthy to be British.

Pip pip x

As ever...

Maybe I was tense for nothing…but airports and border patrols really freak me out, even though I’m totally legal. I think I worry about too many things, I can’t even help myself.
Visitors on a Saturday afternoon

Lee woke up on Sunday morning hanging badly. With his condition we couldn’t really do much in Milton Keynes, so I dragged him out for a walk to the famous concrete cows. They were as ever, a disappointment, so we wandered around the red ways and got a taxi to the MK Centre and fed on some McDonalds before heading back to the house. John managed to get us to Luton despite the awful traffic though for a while, I thought we might actually miss our flight…(more stress).
And I'm back in my spot on the couch with far, far too many things on my mind. As ever.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stressful - to Milton Keynes

I started working myself up at around four…our passports didn’t come with the post and while lee could use his driving licence, I couldn’t…I have my new passport, but it doesn’t have my visa in it and I just wasn’t sure if I could do domestic flights without my visa in my passport. I managed to get to London okay, but coming through at Luton and seeing the two burly border patrol men checking passports, my heart dropped to my stomach. They flipped through my passport, but didn’t continue the search as the queue behind us was growing in length. We both breathed huge sighs of relief and motored our way to the pick up point where Lee’s boss was waiting for us.

After a good night in Olney and being treated like very special guests, we passed right out and woke to the smells of breakfast cooking downstairs. Dressed, breakfasted, and into the car to Milton Keynes Central and back to where it all (pretty much) started.

It’s good to be back. It's always good to come back to Milton Keynes.

I do for see trouble returning to Ireland. But then there're worse places to be stranded.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Makes me think (dot com)

It’s been a cold and dark and grey sort of day, but spring, allegedly, is March. So there is hope.

It’s been better today, I didn’t wake up with the feeling that I could pave someone’s driveway with the gravel from my eyes, our passports are being sent back to us, and I’ve been reading happy and inspiring things from this website (thanks Fionnuala)…these ones especially made me smile:
"Today, my boyfriend fell asleep in my arms, snoring just a little. It's crazy how happy it made me to hear him snore, sleeping peacefully. The room was all quiet, and there we lay. Him, snoring, and I, realizing just how much I love him. And that I'd rather be nowher else. MMT."
"Today, I was ringing up a lady's purchases at work when she explained to me that her card had the wrong name on it because she'd recently gotten married. Her new last name was really long. Her old name was 'Smith'. I said, "That's way more complicated now". She smiled and said, "He's worth it". MMT"

What also made me smile…

Gmail chats about shoes and dresses with my only sister.
The smell of the washing just out of the machine…we bought new fabric softner.
Clean bedding - it’s one of life’s little pleasures.
The fish and chip supper we just ate.

And I’m totally looking forward to our trip to Milton Keynes on the weekend (If we get our passports on time). But still...Yay!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Another trip to Specsavers this morning, more trial lenses and still my eyes are red and burn-y. I think I have enough lenses to last me a full year…if I were only able to wear them.


On the up side, I have an appointment to see if I’m eligible for laser surgery.

So I treated myself to some facemask and other girly products (unfortunately, no more exciting than tampons).
I think I could use another bubbly bath and some more being kind to me.