Monday, 8 February 2010

As ever...

Maybe I was tense for nothing…but airports and border patrols really freak me out, even though I’m totally legal. I think I worry about too many things, I can’t even help myself.
Visitors on a Saturday afternoon

Lee woke up on Sunday morning hanging badly. With his condition we couldn’t really do much in Milton Keynes, so I dragged him out for a walk to the famous concrete cows. They were as ever, a disappointment, so we wandered around the red ways and got a taxi to the MK Centre and fed on some McDonalds before heading back to the house. John managed to get us to Luton despite the awful traffic though for a while, I thought we might actually miss our flight…(more stress).
And I'm back in my spot on the couch with far, far too many things on my mind. As ever.

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