Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Makes me think (dot com)

It’s been a cold and dark and grey sort of day, but spring, allegedly, is March. So there is hope.

It’s been better today, I didn’t wake up with the feeling that I could pave someone’s driveway with the gravel from my eyes, our passports are being sent back to us, and I’ve been reading happy and inspiring things from this website (thanks Fionnuala)…these ones especially made me smile:
"Today, my boyfriend fell asleep in my arms, snoring just a little. It's crazy how happy it made me to hear him snore, sleeping peacefully. The room was all quiet, and there we lay. Him, snoring, and I, realizing just how much I love him. And that I'd rather be nowher else. MMT."
"Today, I was ringing up a lady's purchases at work when she explained to me that her card had the wrong name on it because she'd recently gotten married. Her new last name was really long. Her old name was 'Smith'. I said, "That's way more complicated now". She smiled and said, "He's worth it". MMT"

What also made me smile…

Gmail chats about shoes and dresses with my only sister.
The smell of the washing just out of the machine…we bought new fabric softner.
Clean bedding - it’s one of life’s little pleasures.
The fish and chip supper we just ate.

And I’m totally looking forward to our trip to Milton Keynes on the weekend (If we get our passports on time). But still...Yay!!

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