Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stressful - to Milton Keynes

I started working myself up at around four…our passports didn’t come with the post and while lee could use his driving licence, I couldn’t…I have my new passport, but it doesn’t have my visa in it and I just wasn’t sure if I could do domestic flights without my visa in my passport. I managed to get to London okay, but coming through at Luton and seeing the two burly border patrol men checking passports, my heart dropped to my stomach. They flipped through my passport, but didn’t continue the search as the queue behind us was growing in length. We both breathed huge sighs of relief and motored our way to the pick up point where Lee’s boss was waiting for us.

After a good night in Olney and being treated like very special guests, we passed right out and woke to the smells of breakfast cooking downstairs. Dressed, breakfasted, and into the car to Milton Keynes Central and back to where it all (pretty much) started.

It’s good to be back. It's always good to come back to Milton Keynes.

I do for see trouble returning to Ireland. But then there're worse places to be stranded.


  1. do you need a visa to travel inside the UK?

  2. I'm really not sure, which is why I was stressed ;)