Tuesday, 9 February 2010

That's a lot of money.

I had my appointment today to see if I'm eligible for laser eye surgery. 

After an hours worth of tests it turns out I have lovely plump corneas, perfect for cutting flaps into and zapping with a laser…if I had over £2000 laying about willy-nilly. Which of course, I do not.
I do, however, have a job to go to on Monday…which is awesome. I’m super excited to start, work, talk to people, and have something to contribute again. And if I see a gorgeous dress, fabulous jeans or awesome shoes, buy them for me!
Walking home and realizing I couldn't read my text messages, see the time on my watch or generally focus on any sort of detail and wondering what was up with my vision…I had frikken enormous pupils…like almost the same size as the iris. Of course, I had to take pictures.

After work we went to watch Invictus in Victoria Square. I wasn't so sure what to expect from a sporty movie, but it was really really good. I wondered how many other South Africas were sitting in the cinema with us.

Anyway, with all this fabulous-ness going on I’ve come to wonder how come everything is going so damn well, falling into place, running smoothly...I'm suspicious.

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