Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Family times

After work, packing and loading things into the car, Lee's ma, Kerri and I went to Ballymena and supper at Nadines Diner. After we'd fed we unpacked and hung up all the dresses in the wardrobe and began the procession line of wedding favours in the kitchen. We sat there for an age folding up boxes and stuffing them with tissue paper and chocolates, tying ribbons and decorating them. There was a brief spell on the couch wrapped in blankets, a shower and then time spent on the bed in Lee's old navy gown, his ma and old photo albums and then the promise of more to come in the week. What a beautiful wee boy :)

Chatting with my own ma today and wishing she could have been here too but still excited about everything still to come. I'm still stupidly happy. Just stupid and happy :)

I helped make the supper this evening. We fed well on chicken and cheesy mash and carrots. I made mushroom sauce for the chicken and later, we have mousse :) Later still, I get to try on my dress and have my bits squeezed into all the right places. After the way I've been eating lately, I think I may have more bits than before needing squeezed in...

Ah well, fat people are supposed to be jolly.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Port Rush

The day was spent at the coastal town of Port Rush. We had an early supper date with the family for Janettes thirtieth birthday and Shanes thirty first.
We went early so I could spend some time sight-seeing, though it was a pretty kak day for the seaside. I was still pretty excited.
 Check it out - it's the sea...

Main street of Port Rush. It's kind of run down but in a cool and seedy sea side resort town kinda way.
We're pink, like Lee's shirt. We went on the Waltzer at Barry's. It spins faster and for longer than the equivalent at Gold Reef City. 'twas fun :) After that I ate almost a whole bag of candy floss. Candy floss is my crack. I peaked about ten minutes after the last grain disolved on my tongue (and was hyper for almost a full five minutes).

Saturday, 27 March 2010

High above Belfast

The big wheel company want to take the Belfast Wheel away next month, so today was the day we went on it before we never got another chance. We were sceptical about how much of Belfast you could actually see, but surprisingly, it went really rather quite high!

I love this city.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A (crazy) golf night

Waiting for Lee after work this afternoon, I took a walk towards the tunnel by the station and found some paintings inside.
The Rotterdam Bar, which is allegedly open again, but never appears to be so.
Yorkgate station

After a toasted sandwich at home and a quick change of clothes we headed towards the Dundonald Ice Bowl in East Belfast for a round of crazy golf or putt putt. 
Despite the cold, it was loads of fun and I did better than expected. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm useless at any sort of competitive (or not) sport, and a bit of an idiot on the whole. I mean, I can barely hold a pool cue, catch a ball or walk in a straight line without falling over...
We came away after the raffle with a rugby ball signed by the Ulster Rugby team. Which funnily enough, was just what I always wanted.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Pub crawl Sunday

The three of us were a bit too ambitious for a Sunday evening which left us feeling tired and sorry for ourselves this morning. 
Getting ready for lunch and waiting for Aidan, Lee posturing around the living room in his sunglasses and guitar.

After having our Sunday lunch at the Mourne Seafood Bar, a pint at Kelly’s and a small bout of shopping at Primark we did a tour of our local bars by the docks. We visited the newly reopened Rotterdam, the American Bar, Pat’s Bar and Dockers Club, chatted with the locals and sampled the Guinness. I passed out on the couch before ten o’clock.
Things keep getting better. Better better, better better... better better betteeeerrrrr...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sighs and butter.

So today I've spent a lot of time just staring at my computer screen and blanking out. There've been cups of tea, lots of them, and many many trips to the kitchen for more toasted and buttered potato bread and pancakes. I feel flat. (That's flat, not fat)

Lee was away out the apartment before half six this morning and I fell straight back to sleep, woke up at eight and dragged myself to the station. I'm not sure how productive I'm going to be today...and I can't wait until the weekend. Ooh and a shopping trip for new bedding for all the house guests we'll be having in less than four weeks...when we get married!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Old St. Paddy

Last night we were at a cousins evening wedding party. My first wedding in Ireland. (My second will be my own). It was pretty and green and I got to meet the other side of the family. Lots of them.
We were in bed after two, which was alright for most as it's St. Paddy's day today, but Lee had to work, and so did I, up until the last minute anyway. My boss called me at half nine to tell me to take the day off and see what was happening around Belfast. 

 The butterfly got caught in the tree while going by.

So I dressed, dosed up on Nurofens and ventured out for just a little while to see the parade coming in by Custom House Square. It was packed and I was cranky and crampy, sore and sorry for myself. An older woman chatted with me while I sat on a bench watching the festivities, and though I smiled and made strained small talk with her, I really just wanted to be left alone. I walked home pretty soon after that to spend the rest of the day with a hot water bottle and hot buttered toast and tea.

So now, no pints of Guinness in packed and lively bars, but an early night and some more feeling sorry for myself.

Happy St Paddy's Day

Friday, 12 March 2010

Central Station

The train was so warm this morning, and I was so comfortable sitting there, gently rocked and listening to sweet and pretty songs on my iPod.

I wanted to stay there forever.

I was productive today and I worked hard. Still the day didn’t go fast enough because I knew what was happening at the end of it.

After work I stayed on the train and got off at Central station instead of Yorkgate. I drank hot latte while I scanned the arrivals board and found the train from Dublin would be in in thirty minutes. I waited there until I saw Lee walking through, laden with his backpack and laptop bag.
I had missed him while he was away.

We suppered at the Ginger Root on Great Victoria Street. We sat there forever eating poppadoms and drinking our wine and catching up on the last few days.
The basement at McHughs - Fionnuala dragged me out for a charity gig she'd been dragged out too, which ended up being pretty awesome. I didn't know McHughs had a basement. The Guinness was great and I impressed all the girls. Apparently, it's not a girly drink.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So I decided not to...

After a good talking to I decided (read: was told) it would be silly to abandon my blog. I write it because I like it, because it’s therapeutic and it’s a journal of my days…I have a terrible memory and there are things that I’d like to not forget.

And I like to post photos of myself. Not just photos of me though, pictures of things I like. Colourful things. I guess because I’m not. 
 (It's Wednesday) *And I'm cool - yo.

Things are getting better. I’m feeling more adjusted, I’m more settled at work and I think we’re getting into a routine. Routine is good. I used to hate the idea of routine when I was a teenager, but I suppose I’m getting old, and it’s starting to show. Outwardly manifest itself. Thankfully, there are no crows feet to worry about yet.

We watched Alice in Wonderland on Monday. It was weird and quirky and colourful. And I like Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp and that girl who plays Alice.

I've just come home after a really lovely dinner at Ten Square with Fionnuala. We feasted and we chatted and it was grand. Grand I say! Walking over towards the city centre along the river and Belfast looked so pretty. The evenings are getting brighter and less freezing and we're all excited for temperatures of ten degrees.
 It's a longer walk, but it's the way I always go. I love this part of the city.
 Everything is perfect.

*How awesome are grainy and overexposed photos?? And ja,clearly I am that cool...bwahaha!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


A bicycle basket of flowers outside Kelly's Cellars
We were at Galgorm this weekend. We handed over a huge wad of cash and confirmed our times and menus, picked our flowers and chose a cake. Our invitations are in the post.
My one week (and three day) appointment at Optical Express went well and my eyes are healing just fine…once the swelling and bruising goes away the lovely pregnant optician (who was wearing her name tag upside down)  reckons I’ll have 20/20 vision. Whatever that means. It sounded positive.
Walking through Victoria Square and seeing angels everywhere…there’s some arty thing involving ‘hope’ and angels. I had time to kill before my appointment so I got to take pictures.
 I like this one. Go on. Have a cup of tea...
Tomorrow I go to my new office. I have a desk by the door and the window, a filing cabinet and a flat screened computer. The walls are sunny yellow and decorated with paintings done by my future father-in-law and boss. I love my new office.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Madness on a Monday

I left my phone at home, my mobile broadband and my iPod…all on the day when the broadband and phones got turned off at work a week early. The day involved mayhem all around me while everyone packed up their desks to move to the new premises, leaving just three of us at the old office to carry on.

I’m glad to be sat down, filled up on a salad-y supper and tea and catching up online.

It was a good weekend filled with the Kings Hall Wedding Fair with Lee’s ma, suppers out, drinks at the Garrick and a meal at the Spur in Victoria Square which I was emotional over because it was just like Spurs back home. My wee Corsa was finally sold and the mildew in the shower has been thoroughly cleaned out leaving the bathroom smelling like a public swimming pool.

Ooh, I can also still see, though it's uneven and fluctuating...I'm still totally amazed and delighted with it. Yay for the burning off of my excess corneas!