Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Family times

After work, packing and loading things into the car, Lee's ma, Kerri and I went to Ballymena and supper at Nadines Diner. After we'd fed we unpacked and hung up all the dresses in the wardrobe and began the procession line of wedding favours in the kitchen. We sat there for an age folding up boxes and stuffing them with tissue paper and chocolates, tying ribbons and decorating them. There was a brief spell on the couch wrapped in blankets, a shower and then time spent on the bed in Lee's old navy gown, his ma and old photo albums and then the promise of more to come in the week. What a beautiful wee boy :)

Chatting with my own ma today and wishing she could have been here too but still excited about everything still to come. I'm still stupidly happy. Just stupid and happy :)

I helped make the supper this evening. We fed well on chicken and cheesy mash and carrots. I made mushroom sauce for the chicken and later, we have mousse :) Later still, I get to try on my dress and have my bits squeezed into all the right places. After the way I've been eating lately, I think I may have more bits than before needing squeezed in...

Ah well, fat people are supposed to be jolly.

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