Friday, 12 March 2010

Central Station

The train was so warm this morning, and I was so comfortable sitting there, gently rocked and listening to sweet and pretty songs on my iPod.

I wanted to stay there forever.

I was productive today and I worked hard. Still the day didn’t go fast enough because I knew what was happening at the end of it.

After work I stayed on the train and got off at Central station instead of Yorkgate. I drank hot latte while I scanned the arrivals board and found the train from Dublin would be in in thirty minutes. I waited there until I saw Lee walking through, laden with his backpack and laptop bag.
I had missed him while he was away.

We suppered at the Ginger Root on Great Victoria Street. We sat there forever eating poppadoms and drinking our wine and catching up on the last few days.
The basement at McHughs - Fionnuala dragged me out for a charity gig she'd been dragged out too, which ended up being pretty awesome. I didn't know McHughs had a basement. The Guinness was great and I impressed all the girls. Apparently, it's not a girly drink.

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