Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A (crazy) golf night

Waiting for Lee after work this afternoon, I took a walk towards the tunnel by the station and found some paintings inside.
The Rotterdam Bar, which is allegedly open again, but never appears to be so.
Yorkgate station

After a toasted sandwich at home and a quick change of clothes we headed towards the Dundonald Ice Bowl in East Belfast for a round of crazy golf or putt putt. 
Despite the cold, it was loads of fun and I did better than expected. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm useless at any sort of competitive (or not) sport, and a bit of an idiot on the whole. I mean, I can barely hold a pool cue, catch a ball or walk in a straight line without falling over...
We came away after the raffle with a rugby ball signed by the Ulster Rugby team. Which funnily enough, was just what I always wanted.

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