Sunday, 7 March 2010


A bicycle basket of flowers outside Kelly's Cellars
We were at Galgorm this weekend. We handed over a huge wad of cash and confirmed our times and menus, picked our flowers and chose a cake. Our invitations are in the post.
My one week (and three day) appointment at Optical Express went well and my eyes are healing just fine…once the swelling and bruising goes away the lovely pregnant optician (who was wearing her name tag upside down)  reckons I’ll have 20/20 vision. Whatever that means. It sounded positive.
Walking through Victoria Square and seeing angels everywhere…there’s some arty thing involving ‘hope’ and angels. I had time to kill before my appointment so I got to take pictures.
 I like this one. Go on. Have a cup of tea...
Tomorrow I go to my new office. I have a desk by the door and the window, a filing cabinet and a flat screened computer. The walls are sunny yellow and decorated with paintings done by my future father-in-law and boss. I love my new office.

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