Monday, 1 March 2010

Madness on a Monday

I left my phone at home, my mobile broadband and my iPod…all on the day when the broadband and phones got turned off at work a week early. The day involved mayhem all around me while everyone packed up their desks to move to the new premises, leaving just three of us at the old office to carry on.

I’m glad to be sat down, filled up on a salad-y supper and tea and catching up online.

It was a good weekend filled with the Kings Hall Wedding Fair with Lee’s ma, suppers out, drinks at the Garrick and a meal at the Spur in Victoria Square which I was emotional over because it was just like Spurs back home. My wee Corsa was finally sold and the mildew in the shower has been thoroughly cleaned out leaving the bathroom smelling like a public swimming pool.

Ooh, I can also still see, though it's uneven and fluctuating...I'm still totally amazed and delighted with it. Yay for the burning off of my excess corneas!

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