Monday, 29 March 2010

Port Rush

The day was spent at the coastal town of Port Rush. We had an early supper date with the family for Janettes thirtieth birthday and Shanes thirty first.
We went early so I could spend some time sight-seeing, though it was a pretty kak day for the seaside. I was still pretty excited.
 Check it out - it's the sea...

Main street of Port Rush. It's kind of run down but in a cool and seedy sea side resort town kinda way.
We're pink, like Lee's shirt. We went on the Waltzer at Barry's. It spins faster and for longer than the equivalent at Gold Reef City. 'twas fun :) After that I ate almost a whole bag of candy floss. Candy floss is my crack. I peaked about ten minutes after the last grain disolved on my tongue (and was hyper for almost a full five minutes).

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