Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So I decided not to...

After a good talking to I decided (read: was told) it would be silly to abandon my blog. I write it because I like it, because it’s therapeutic and it’s a journal of my days…I have a terrible memory and there are things that I’d like to not forget.

And I like to post photos of myself. Not just photos of me though, pictures of things I like. Colourful things. I guess because I’m not. 
 (It's Wednesday) *And I'm cool - yo.

Things are getting better. I’m feeling more adjusted, I’m more settled at work and I think we’re getting into a routine. Routine is good. I used to hate the idea of routine when I was a teenager, but I suppose I’m getting old, and it’s starting to show. Outwardly manifest itself. Thankfully, there are no crows feet to worry about yet.

We watched Alice in Wonderland on Monday. It was weird and quirky and colourful. And I like Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp and that girl who plays Alice.

I've just come home after a really lovely dinner at Ten Square with Fionnuala. We feasted and we chatted and it was grand. Grand I say! Walking over towards the city centre along the river and Belfast looked so pretty. The evenings are getting brighter and less freezing and we're all excited for temperatures of ten degrees.
 It's a longer walk, but it's the way I always go. I love this part of the city.
 Everything is perfect.

*How awesome are grainy and overexposed photos?? And ja,clearly I am that cool...bwahaha!

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