Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Catchin' up

Now with all the family and friends gone home and the ironing and cleaning up to date, life seems to have gone back to some sort of normal. It was great having everyone over and catching up with my sister and playing with the kiddies, having Lee meet the last of the family and giggling with Leanne and Noleen, as we do. A lot. I do miss them all.

Our apartment isn’t as big as I’d initially thought before they all descended.  One bathroom between seven people isn’t awesome. With the Koerts moving out to the Dairy Farm near Ballymoney we had more room...but we got to spend less time with them, ‘cept for that night we had dinner with them at the Brown Trout and were invited back for tea and pudding at the B&B with the lovely friendly folk and delicious meringue cake and biscuits and tea served in pretty pots and cups. The day after we played games of rummy and irritated each other with renditions of songs from My Fair Lady.

It’s Tuesday, but it kind of feels as though I’ve put in a full week of work already. I’m almost finished catching up there too. I walked to the train station this morning with enough charge in my iPod to listen to some Cold War Kids and David Bowie and feel nostalgic and think of Hambleden and London. Seeing Spitalfields on the telly last night refreshed the memory of it. It’s not that I want to be there now, doing whatever I was doing while I was there...I think more, I miss my eyebrow ring and crazy hair.

Now that all this wedding business is behind us, I want to find a good book, maybe try my hand at Catch 22 again, for like, the fourth time. It’s time to be frugal again...but maybe if I found a particularly beautiful version of the book, it might inspire me to get past the first five chapters. I will persevere. 

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A week or so

Noleen missed the hen party, so the moment she arrived I had to don my veil and sash and open presents :)
A meal at the Ginger Root
Leaving City Hall in our Rolls Royce after the ceremony
The Four Seasons Room at Galgorm Manor
Leanne and John :)
Kerri :)

A family photograph
Another family photograph
Noleen getting ready before the wedding :)
Noleen drinks her first Guinness at the Crown
Kissy face at Cafe Vaudeville

First oysters at Mourne Seafood Bar
Hugs by the river Lagan
Touristy picutre by the big fish

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The wedding - a rough version

It’s difficult to know where to start…I hear the beginning is a good place though…
It all started on Saturday last week with the hen and stag do’s. I’m not even going to go into that because it feels so damn far away now. Maybe another post.

Sunday morning brought a house full of people, family and friends all arriving at roughly the same time. The apartment was chaotic for most of the day and we made the best of it with cups of tea and a short outing to Victoria Square for lunch at the Spur. The next couple of days passed by in a frenetic blur, and then it was the day before the wedding, packed full with appointments and shopping trips for makeup, the photographer, my nails and the drop off at Galgorm. Tuesday night was spent in Ballymena with my bridesmaids and family-in-laws.

And then Wednesday morning dawned. Noleen and Leanne applied my face of make up while taking turns in having their hair curled. We rushed back to the house to step into our dresses and wait for our Rolls Royce Ghost to come get us.
We pulled into the back of Belfast City Hall and were directed down the corridor towards the registrars office. I was impressed with the inside, everything was marble and rich and plush…we went over the vows, then waited to be sent in to where my groom and our guests where waiting. Vows and rings exchanged, we were pronounced officially married and we got to do the kiss we’d practiced. I don’t think either of us have ever smiled so big and for so long.
We posed for photos inside and outside of City Hall before being whisked to Galgorm in the back of the Ghost for more pictures and a day and night of smiling and thanking guests :)
It was a great day. Tiring and a bit overwhelming, but pretty and filled with family and friends. We only spent a few minutes hiding from guests, and sat on the couch in the reception, sitting back from the noise and the chatter and our tired faces, sore from smiling.

We're loving being married. So far, it's been grand...it's only going to get better...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Above the table plan

A picture collage with photos from Lee's beginnings and Lee and my beginning, or near enough.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

It's coming...

The wedding is over but the aftermath is not! Pictures and posts to come soon...

Monday, 5 April 2010

It makes perfect...

Yesterday, when I eventually got up and out of bed, I had the nice surprise of being informed that we’d be lunching at the Merchant. So I put on my pretty frock (the black one with the wee flowers on it) and heels and we took a brisk walk down the road, brisk because we were running late. We had a cosy table for two and feasted wonderfully on a three course meal finished with tea and coffee and petit fours. Everything was perfect and beautiful. We ended our meal with a drink at the Cloth Ear next door and walked back home. Our evening was spent watching the film we bought from Virgin followed by rehearsing our first dance in the living room. We’ve decided it’s probably best not to put too much pressure on ourselves…we’re going to look like idiots no matter how much we practice between now and next week. So we moved on to preparing for our ‘you may now kiss the bride’ kiss. We fared better there.
The Great Room of the Merchant Hotel.

I got up this morning to poached egg, tea and toast before heading to Victoria Square for the last of the wedding shopping, shoes, gifts for the kids and for the bridal party. A full day of shopping interrupted only for some Nandos and now...we might go to the cinema. Or we may stay in and watch the Doors Movie, 'cos Lee promised!!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Morning

I don't know when last I had a Sunday morning like this one. I'm lying in bed in my new awesome navy pyjamas with tiny white polka dots, watching youtube videos of London, listening to some Chopin Nocturne and drinking tea, tea which seems to magically refill itself :)

This is pretty damn great :)

I feel nostaglic, contemplative, content. I'm not sure if it's the videos or the Chopin. 

In exactly a week we'll be preparing for visits from Canada, South Africa and England. Our wee apartment will be full. I can't wait to see everyone again.

Friday, 2 April 2010

A Good Friday

Lee arrived home yesterday evening. He’d been away since Monday and I’d missed him (like, lots). So I was pretty happy to see him again. It was still a good week, spent at Lee’s ma and pa’s house in Ballymena. It was fun going through those albums, lying on the studio floor until after one in the morning eating chocolates, giggling and chatting.

We went out today. I needed a dress for the hen party next weekend (next weekend!!!) and I needed a whole bunch of other things I didn’t get. We ended up instead at the Cloth Ear in the Cathedral Quarter for lunch and a pint of Guinness.
The weather was shit leaving the Cloth Ear and we walked out into the cold and wind and rain. (It’s not looking good for a clear and dry day for the wedding.) We braved the weather all the way home instead of getting a taxi, ‘cos we’re hardcore like that.
A postscript...The Libertines are back!!!! Take a looksee!