Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Catchin' up

Now with all the family and friends gone home and the ironing and cleaning up to date, life seems to have gone back to some sort of normal. It was great having everyone over and catching up with my sister and playing with the kiddies, having Lee meet the last of the family and giggling with Leanne and Noleen, as we do. A lot. I do miss them all.

Our apartment isn’t as big as I’d initially thought before they all descended.  One bathroom between seven people isn’t awesome. With the Koerts moving out to the Dairy Farm near Ballymoney we had more room...but we got to spend less time with them, ‘cept for that night we had dinner with them at the Brown Trout and were invited back for tea and pudding at the B&B with the lovely friendly folk and delicious meringue cake and biscuits and tea served in pretty pots and cups. The day after we played games of rummy and irritated each other with renditions of songs from My Fair Lady.

It’s Tuesday, but it kind of feels as though I’ve put in a full week of work already. I’m almost finished catching up there too. I walked to the train station this morning with enough charge in my iPod to listen to some Cold War Kids and David Bowie and feel nostalgic and think of Hambleden and London. Seeing Spitalfields on the telly last night refreshed the memory of it. It’s not that I want to be there now, doing whatever I was doing while I was there...I think more, I miss my eyebrow ring and crazy hair.

Now that all this wedding business is behind us, I want to find a good book, maybe try my hand at Catch 22 again, for like, the fourth time. It’s time to be frugal again...but maybe if I found a particularly beautiful version of the book, it might inspire me to get past the first five chapters. I will persevere. 

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