Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The wedding - a rough version

It’s difficult to know where to start…I hear the beginning is a good place though…
It all started on Saturday last week with the hen and stag do’s. I’m not even going to go into that because it feels so damn far away now. Maybe another post.

Sunday morning brought a house full of people, family and friends all arriving at roughly the same time. The apartment was chaotic for most of the day and we made the best of it with cups of tea and a short outing to Victoria Square for lunch at the Spur. The next couple of days passed by in a frenetic blur, and then it was the day before the wedding, packed full with appointments and shopping trips for makeup, the photographer, my nails and the drop off at Galgorm. Tuesday night was spent in Ballymena with my bridesmaids and family-in-laws.

And then Wednesday morning dawned. Noleen and Leanne applied my face of make up while taking turns in having their hair curled. We rushed back to the house to step into our dresses and wait for our Rolls Royce Ghost to come get us.
We pulled into the back of Belfast City Hall and were directed down the corridor towards the registrars office. I was impressed with the inside, everything was marble and rich and plush…we went over the vows, then waited to be sent in to where my groom and our guests where waiting. Vows and rings exchanged, we were pronounced officially married and we got to do the kiss we’d practiced. I don’t think either of us have ever smiled so big and for so long.
We posed for photos inside and outside of City Hall before being whisked to Galgorm in the back of the Ghost for more pictures and a day and night of smiling and thanking guests :)
It was a great day. Tiring and a bit overwhelming, but pretty and filled with family and friends. We only spent a few minutes hiding from guests, and sat on the couch in the reception, sitting back from the noise and the chatter and our tired faces, sore from smiling.

We're loving being married. So far, it's been grand...it's only going to get better...

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