Monday, 5 April 2010

It makes perfect...

Yesterday, when I eventually got up and out of bed, I had the nice surprise of being informed that we’d be lunching at the Merchant. So I put on my pretty frock (the black one with the wee flowers on it) and heels and we took a brisk walk down the road, brisk because we were running late. We had a cosy table for two and feasted wonderfully on a three course meal finished with tea and coffee and petit fours. Everything was perfect and beautiful. We ended our meal with a drink at the Cloth Ear next door and walked back home. Our evening was spent watching the film we bought from Virgin followed by rehearsing our first dance in the living room. We’ve decided it’s probably best not to put too much pressure on ourselves…we’re going to look like idiots no matter how much we practice between now and next week. So we moved on to preparing for our ‘you may now kiss the bride’ kiss. We fared better there.
The Great Room of the Merchant Hotel.

I got up this morning to poached egg, tea and toast before heading to Victoria Square for the last of the wedding shopping, shoes, gifts for the kids and for the bridal party. A full day of shopping interrupted only for some Nandos and now...we might go to the cinema. Or we may stay in and watch the Doors Movie, 'cos Lee promised!!!

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