Monday, 10 May 2010


I think it’s fair to say that the weekend was pretty crappy. Saturday was spent in Ballymena, that wasn’t so bad, ‘cept for that I was still feeling really quite shitty. I got to talk a hole right through my ma-in-laws head…(I bet she loves that), and I got to sit outside in the hot sunshine and sip on grape juice. That bit was good too. By the time it was Sunday I was feeling so bleurgh, that I didn’t bother to get up until four o’clock and that was just to make myself something so dripping in saturated fat that I was sure that if my lungs didn’t collapse, I’d have a heart attack or stroke. I finished it off with a chunk of Café Vaudeville chocolate brownie. 

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling almost well this morning…which was awesome. And I set off to work with great intentions of being a perfect employee and human being. But I lost my colleagues at the train station, my Sage refused to cooperate with me and no matter how much I tried to concentrate or shift the mountain of paper work I just seemed to get nothing done.

The sad part of this story is that the highlight of my day was when I got to play with my new iron and ironing board cover. I’m such a dork. But phwoar, that iron glides over the fabric so well! 

So anyway, I’m hoping that my (slightly indulgent) glumness is behind me now and I can go forth and function like a normal person for a while again.

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