Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Horrible girl

It went well yesterday at the Border Agency and I was out of there within an hour. I’d spent the morning plotting my bus route, but in the end I was feeling so rubbish, I got a taxi there and back. Yay for Swift Cabs! It cost only £10 for the round trip…and it was a goodly distance too.
I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch wrapped in blankets and whining and whimpering. I kept it up until I fell asleep at around eleven o’clock.

This morning I had to go to work due to the incredible amount of time I’ve had off since I’ve started working there. It wasn’t easy getting up, but somehow I managed to get into the shower and get dressed and to the station. I might as well have knocked over an elderly lady with a walking stick in my eagerness to get on the train and find a seat, but before it came to that, she stepped aside and motioned for me to get on. That made me feel pretty crappy.

When I got to work I wasn’t exactly a productive employee. I got some stuff done, but then I spent the rest of the time that I wasn’t staring blankly at my screen chatting with the new French girl who I’m now sharing an office with. Office relations and what not. 

Tomorrow, I resolve to be better.

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