Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's not *that* warm

Yesterday evening, while the sun was still shining, I thought it’d be a great idea to take my book and find somewhere sunny to sit and read for a while. 
First I first pulled on my orange shorts and sandals...saw the folly of my ways and put on my jeans instead. I grabbed my favourite stripy jumper, shades and book, kissed Lee a temporary farewell and found a bench overlooking Clarendon Dock. There near the big P&O boat. As soon as i sat down, however, I realized I’d probably been too optimistic and wished I’d brought a thermos of tea and a blanket to wrap myself in. I persevered for ten minutes, then had to go back upstairs, defeated.

The book is really quite good. I picked it up because it mentions Marlow and Maidenhead and the Thames. Places I visited last year while living in Hambleden. 'cept for Maidenhead, I never went there...but I could have done if I had wanted to, or wasn't preoccupied with London.

I wonder if I missed much.

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