Monday, 3 May 2010

This should be renamed Karen and Lee's blog

It’s been a fairly chilled and relaxing long weekend. It’s not quite over for me yet, as tomorrow I’m off so that I can spend the day sitting at the government office to register my biometric information for my next visa. (I’m hoping it’s not actually going to be a full day, but I have experience with government offices.) It would have been okay, and I could have made it into a mini excursion if I hadn’t come over all sick last night.

I did a spot of shopping in the city yesterday. I continued my love affair with jeggings and purchased a dark blue pair, since I already own black ones. While out I witnessed my first Northern Irish parade through the city. I have photos too, but I’m that sick that I can’t even get up to fetch my camera right now :(

I met Lee and Aidan at the Garrick for the football, finished off a pint of Guinness and a packet of Taytos and went home by myself to empty out the contents of my shopping bags.

Today and in my diseased state, we left the apartment and headed to Ballymena to spend our Captain Cooks wedding vouchers and visit with my ma and pa-in law. And now, now I'm just sitting on the couch wrapped in blankets and smelling strongly of Vicks and watching the snooker. I suppose it's better than the football...

Lee has offered to fetch me my camera and change the channel...I didn't even have to ask...what a lovey...I do adore my Lee :)
The police presence was they were expecting a full on riot. These guys should see parades and protests in Jo'burg.

Lee wanted this picture added...and I'm an obliging wife...

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