Monday, 31 May 2010

Wasting the day

The bank holiday was sprung upon me at the last moment. I was all dressed and just on my way out when the message came through not to bother coming in to work. And who am I to argue with a message like that? So I swapped my pinstriped trousers for jeggings and my work shoes for sandals and considered my options for the day.

I always feel such pressure to do something wonderful with a day off...I was torn between blowing my money and getting a train somewhere or a shopping trip. But it's never wise to go buying yourself stuff just before your birthday and I was uninspired about what train I might get...and really, I wasn't sure if I even felt like leaving home at all.

So I sat and stuck all our wedding cards into an album with invisible mounts, washed all the floors and watched some Dara in Three Men in a Boat on the telly. Lee came home at lunch time and tempted me out of the house with words like 'HOT' and 'LOVELY' and 'WALK'...but when I got out there, it was chilly and windy and nothing at all like what he'd said.

So I didn't even leave the docks area and was back inside within fifteen minutes.

So now I'm going to have some rum 'n raisin ice cream and think of all the things I could have done and maybe the next holiday wont be so badly wasted.

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