Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I kind of like the idea of those 'diary readings' where people get together and read the most squirmy excerpts of their teenage diaries to each other. I'd have loads to read and share...my whole childhood/teen years where made up of awkward and embarrassing moments and diary entries. Actually, not a lot has changed.

Since I can't get hold of any of my diaries this is going to have to do instead:
(click to enlarge)
It's worrying that I have to remind myself to be charming. It was when I hoped Lee wouldn't discover my list in my bag that I realized it was probably worth just posting online...'cos it is that sad. This only goes to show that I have too much free time on my hands...further proof of this is:
I totally zen-ed my desk (and my drawer). I also photographed some lovely pastries and a chocolate biscuit shortly before devouring them.

Right. Now I'm going to go:
Start reading a new book
Get dressed (possibly before I start reading)
I've struck a blank 'cos I didn't prepare a list earlier for this evening...


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