Saturday, 19 June 2010


After waking up at two in pain and tearing the apartment apart in a panic looking for the pain pills and a hot water bottle, I fell asleep be woken up five hours later with my alarm not going off and having to rush into the shower to be ready in time for work. We got just past the gates and the whole road was taken up by a Harp lorry offloading in to the Dockers Club and I had to abandon the car and leg it to the station...

I should have known by then to just go back to bed and it'd have been better to actually miss the train, because the moment I walked in to the office it all just fell apart and a stupid thing like my filing set me off, leaving me hiding in the bathroom waiting for my red eyes and puffy face to go down. I'm far too old to be sobbing at work willy nilly.

Kerri took me home and the rest of the day was spent in bed where I slept until Lee came home and we readied ourselves for our wine tasting at Direct Wine Shipments. I put on my pretty and summery (yet still black) dress and sandals, spoke to myself about pulling it together and we went and had an awesome ten minutes sampling some lovely whites. We might have had another awesome hour or so had I not had to move to the side of the room where I went momentarily blind and dramatically fainted in Lee's arms.

I certainly don't do kak days by halves.

The kind DWS man lifted me into a chair once I'd come round and moved me outside by the fire escape and fed me glasses of icy water and generally hovered around, concerned. Lee took me home and tucked me back in to bed. 

And that's where I've stayed ever since. I have no intentions of being anywhere else.


  1. Oh no! :( I hope you feel loads of better soon!

  2. I'm much better now, thanks :)