Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shopping and near enough accomplishments

Thursday nights = late night shopping nights. I walked briskly to the city, kidding myself by saying I wasn't going to spend any money...I was just going for the exercise. However, on entering Primark I found a few things I couldn't leave behind. This military style dress is too cool, and is reminiscent of my earlier youth. I was the only ten year old girl I knew who wanted to join the army and only ever wanted khaki coloured t-shirts.  
I loved these shoes too...and even though the heel is higher than I'm used to, they're more comfortable than a lot of shoes I've worn before. Plus, I'm doing all sorts of things I've not done extra hot chili, wear shorts outside of doors, leave for work without a a coat...I might as well add high(ish) heels to my increasing list of achievements... 

I've got to stop buying stuff...I've been wracked with guilt over the immense spending of monies just lately. And we have three very big holidays to save for...

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Blast off Belly Fat – an exercise dvd

My first ever exercise dvd arrived yesterday. Five ten minute workouts for flat wash board abs...the reviews were all promising and I thought that surely, even I could do these workouts*. I changed into my very sporty white trousers and Chili Pepper t-shirt, tied up my hair and applauded myself for how athletic I looked. Mother-in-law and I positioned ourselves in the living room...

Five minutes in and we were collapsed on the floor, giggling in to our laid out towels while Lee barked out orders from the doorway, shaking his head disapprovingly.

We somehow managed to work our way through the whole dvd, through giggles, groans and a break for a phone call. We celebrated and congratulated ourselves with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.

*yeah, I was mistaken.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Washed in black

Not so much black as 'darkest brown'. I needed a change and I figured a face tattoo is probably a bit too dramatic...
It was a bit of a bleurgh of a weekend, our plans for the zoo fell through and both days I slept in stupidly late, wasting most of the weekend. I lay in bed drinking cups of tea and messing around online, I slumped in front of the telly and I spun around on swivel-y office chairs, chastising myself for not bringing a book with me.

We drank pints of Guinness outdoors and ate warm salads indoors. I internet shopped.

But. I think I've wasted enough time just lately and instead of staring at this screen any longer, I'm going to read me some more Virginia Woolf.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Going out

I'm getting dressed, ready to go out. I've pretty much decided on my outfit and I think it looks okay. But I'm not feeling it, you know? It could be the colourful aspect, though kind of bland and washed out colours...and the heels, which I love...but I don't know. I don't feel rock star. I've not felt rock star in a while.

It only makes me think I need to tattoo my face and dye my hair some hard black.

And now it's too late to get changed.

Sigh. I thought I'd have outgrown this by now.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Sunday

We woke up in our bed this morning, and it was just before eleven. It was late, but since it's customary, Lee brought me my tea and Netty. I love Sunday mornings, lazy in bed, frizzy haired and bleary eyed with a hot cuppa tea.
After showering and dressing we got ourselves together enough to leave the apartment and go out into the city. We had no reason to, no where to go to and nothing to do. So we had some lunch at Nandos and drank some beer at Kelly's, McHughs and the Rockies. 
Okay, so I don't know why...and I don't need a reason, but I like the reflective walls of the Royal Mail building. It's a fairly prominent building in the city. And now, we're immortalized in it. The ugliest building in the city.
Lazy Sunday afternoon pints at Kelly's. 

I love the city and I'm starting to feel it more how I'll miss it. Surging hormones, or plummeting, whatever it is they're doing, aren't helping the matter. 

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A walk in the park - Glenariff Forest Park

Friday after work and we went home to Ballymena instead of Belfast. We supper-ed on fish and salad and I fell asleep on Lee on the couch while the telly was on...I don't know what we were watching.
Lee's ma drove us to Glenariff. It's all green and trees and waterfall spray.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today's G.P.O.Y.W - This makes me want to cry.

After weeks of anticipation and excitement I finally got my hands on my Visa ID card. My heart dropped when I saw what I'd be using for travel purposes for the next two years...
What the hell is wrong with my face? What has happened to my hair and why do I look like I've suffered from a stroke? In this case, I think it's probably okay to tamper with official documents.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

when you're alone and life is making you lonely...

Poor Ms Plath. I'm pretty sure this was the inspiration behind 'Girl Interrupted' 'cos that's what I was thinking about while I read it. It didn't take me long enough to get through, and sadly, just moments after it's completion, I'm feeling it's loss.

Now I keep imagining the 'Downtown' scene...Winona and Angelina and an acoustic guitar outside a closed asylum door. I loved that scene.

The Final(ly)

Sunday: We hit the House of Fraser hard. Lee found some holiday clothes and I got lost in the baffling maze of clothes and sale racks. I found him by the escalator before proper panic set in.
We got to the Garrick early to ensure a comfy and prime positioning for the final game - Spain v Netherlands. I was indifferent to both, but went along for the (excellent) company, cheap beer and free tapas at half time...
I rather like The Garrick, mostly because we were sat down quite comfortably and out of the way. But also because of the wood panel walls and clocks. The food's pretty good too. Ooh, and I like that leather couch I was sitting on.
Walking home afterwards, Albert's clock looked particularly leany-over.  
Mirrored in the Royal Mail building

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Castles in the air

We took a drive up to Belfast castle this morning. I do like a castle and this one is only five minutes away, up by Cave Hill and parks with greenery. We ran down the stairs towards the adventure playground and arrived at the ticket desk out of breath, giggling and most likely trying to push each other out of the way...before realizing it was manned and we were being watched. We composed ourselves and calmly walked away...then raced each other up the stairs and back to the car.

We surveyed a few nearby areas for places to look to buy us a house and found some pretty hardcore patriotism in our potential neighbours and thought better of it. There's still plenty of time for that.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We went South, West a bit, then East

We left the apartment fairly early on Friday morning and drove down South to the Republic. The car was laden with camping equipment which I first thought was too much, but was later thankful for...I'd have been okay with just the tent and the sleeping bags (so I thought).
We pitched our tent just outside the pretty village of Adare and set up our home for the next three nights and four days. Adare is beautiful, exactly what the website promised. All thatched cottages, ivy covered with flowers in the gardens and in pots everywhere.
We spent time in the bars, drinking pints and watching the football.
The Cliffs of Moher. It was windy, but it added to the atmosphere. The cliffs and surrounding scenery are lovely. I love the field lined roads with cows and sheep and stone walls.
We spent more time than we'd have liked to in Limerick. Mostly, I was trying to think up clever Limericks about the city...all I could come up with was...We went to Limerick City...and found it fairly shitty...
Actually, I'm rather afraid to diss Limerick or it's inhabitants, just in case someone decides to come get me. Really, the state of the place and some of the people at the concert. My goodness...
Dublin, however, was wonderful. A total contrast to Limerick, a pleasure to be in. A happy and colourful place :)
Trinity College
O'Connell Monument
We detoured past Carlingford on our way back home. We stopped and had our supper at Dan's Cafe in the town centre to use up our left over Euros. We shared toasties for dinner, then left Carlingford for home.
The concert (the actual reason for going away) was pretty good. Alabama 3, Seasick Steve, David Gray and Bob Dylan. Old Bob was looking frail and he surprised us by singing more songs we knew than expected. But made them pretty hard to sing along with...even harder 'cos I don't really know all the words...

The time away was needed and I'm thankful to have to seen the South. My curiosity has been satisfied. I loved the small villages, the green, the pretty old buildings and castles, the Guinness, the bars and the dodgy roads. To quote Lee "these are real Irish roads now, it's all a lot of shit". Ireland's great...but I have a new appreciation for the North. 

And I think I know why that is...