Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Final(ly)

Sunday: We hit the House of Fraser hard. Lee found some holiday clothes and I got lost in the baffling maze of clothes and sale racks. I found him by the escalator before proper panic set in.
We got to the Garrick early to ensure a comfy and prime positioning for the final game - Spain v Netherlands. I was indifferent to both, but went along for the (excellent) company, cheap beer and free tapas at half time...
I rather like The Garrick, mostly because we were sat down quite comfortably and out of the way. But also because of the wood panel walls and clocks. The food's pretty good too. Ooh, and I like that leather couch I was sitting on.
Walking home afterwards, Albert's clock looked particularly leany-over.  
Mirrored in the Royal Mail building

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